Welcome to Bear Claw Events, Inc.

Bear Claw Events is an award-winning sales and marketing firm that takes a direct approach when representing clients. Representing many innovative brands, our company knows what it takes to make a lasting impression, maintaining connections between clients and customers that result in success for a lifetime.

Our Mission and Company Values

By providing an empowering entrepreneurial environment for our team members, we are fostering an ambitious attitude that allows growth in their careers and for our clients. By creating a fast-moving team of high achievers, consumers can be effectively reached for shared expansion.



Recent Posts

Bear Claw Events Details Some 30-Second Challenges Every Leader Should Accept

Every business leader, no matter how experienced, should continue to develop their abilities on a daily basis. While we at Bear Claw Events understand that it can be difficult to set aside time for this, there are some things you can do to sharpen your leadership skills even on...
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Bear Claw Events Highlights Some Unheralded Entrepreneurial Success Stories

A significant number of highly-successful entrepreneurs fly under the radar. At Bear Claw Events, we think that’s a shame, as many of these relative unknowns have inspiring experiences that can teach us all some valuable lessons. We’d like to share the stories of a couple of...
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Tips for Starting a Business with Little or No Capital from Bear Claw Events

Some incredible business ideas get put on hold due to a lack of startup capital. Too many entrepreneurs think their ideas will never take off unless they have major funding, and we at Bear Claw Events would like to offer them some advice. Here are a few tips to help you launch a...
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