Welcome to Bear Claw Events, Inc.

Bear Claw Events is an award-winning sales and marketing firm that takes a direct approach when representing clients. Representing many innovative brands, our company knows what it takes to make a lasting impression, maintaining connections between clients and customers that result in success for a lifetime.

Our Mission and Company Values

By providing an empowering entrepreneurial environment for our team members, we are fostering an ambitious attitude that allows growth in their careers and for our clients. By creating a fast-moving team of high achievers, consumers can be effectively reached for shared expansion.



Recent Posts

Bear Claw Events Discusses an Exciting Team Night at Dave & Busters

At Bear Claw Events, our team values fun and excitement as a means of boosting morale and taking time away from both work and the office. This is why we regularly plan outings together. The most recent event was a night at Dave and Busters. It was a huge success! The Dave and...
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PRESS RELEASE: Bear Claw Events Assists Second Harvest Food Bank

Charlotte, NC – The firm’s director of operations at Bear Claw Events describes the company’s work with a local charitable organization and explains the business benefits of volunteering. Matt, the director of operations at Bear Claw Events, reports that his team recently held a...
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Bear Claw Events Shares Team Highlights and Recent Happenings

At Bear Claw Events, new things are always taking place. No matter how busy we are, we take the time to acknowledge each other’s accomplishments. Whether they are personal or professional milestones, our company culture encourages team support. We have recently recognized several...
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