Welcome to Bear Claw Events, Inc.

Bear Claw Events is an award-winning sales and marketing firm that takes a direct approach when representing clients. Representing many innovative brands, our company knows what it takes to make a lasting impression, maintaining connections between clients and customers that result in success for a lifetime.

Our Mission and Company Values

By providing an empowering entrepreneurial environment for our team members, we are fostering an ambitious attitude that allows growth in their careers and for our clients. By creating a fast-moving team of high achievers, consumers can be effectively reached for shared expansion.



Recent Posts

Bear Claw Events on the Need for Both Intelligence and Confidence in Business

Our team at Bear Claw Events believes that two of the most important attributes for being successful in business is confidence and intelligence. We consider them to be equally important, and complementary. First, to be successful in business you need to have the kind of...
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Bear Claw Events Presents Strategies to Make an Exercise Program Stick

There is a mountain of evidence that shows how consistent exercise relieves stress and boosts productivity, not to mention self-esteem and overall attitude, yet maintaining a consistent exercise habit is notoriously hard to do. We at Bear Claw Events know this difficulty as well,...
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Be More Memorable (In a Good Way) with Ideas from Bear Claw Events

Wanting to be well-liked is normal and healthy, not to mention that it can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals. Bear Claw Events has discovered a few scientifically-proven strategies to make sure you are remembered well after social interaction, which we...
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