Business Lessons From the Sports World

Business Lessons From the Sports World

We LOVE football around the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office, so this is an especially exciting time of year for us. Our sports-minded approach is a big part of why we’ve become a leader in the on-site sales promotions world. Along with the competitive drive that comes with this type of mind-set, we’ve learned a few other key lessons from following athletics.

The power of great coaching is obvious when observing college and professional sports teams. There’s just no substitute for having a leader who can negotiate many different skill sets and personalities to forge a cohesive team. Our Bear Claw Events, Inc. managers strike this balance while also setting clear and ambitious goals.

Learning from failure is another powerful lesson you can glean from athletics. No one likes to lose, of course, but there are usually some positives to take from the experience. When we face setbacks or unexpected outcomes, we find ways to channel what we learn into successful future projects.

Players and coaches also need to be accountable. The same is certainly true for the business world. Around our office, we share our successes and support each other no matter what. We have our teammates’ backs, which means we’re always inspired to perform at our best.

We’re ready to enjoy the 2019 football season and pursue our biggest Q4 goals. Follow Bear Claw Events, Inc. on LinkedIn for more on our sports-inspired approach.