Using the Five Senses to Succeed

Using the Five Senses to Succeed

As we continue to surpass our Bear Claw Events, Inc. growth goals, we’re more focused than ever on harnessing our unique abilities to create innovative on-site sales promotions. We’re also putting our five senses to good use in our newly restructured office setting. Matt, our firm’s President, stated, “There’s a real buzz around our workspace because we’re finding unique ways to engage ourselves in our everyday efforts.”

Our sense of sight has been stimulated by a splash of color around our office, which is in a shade we’re calling Positive Red. Matt added, “This color helps you focus and be more alert. Especially early in the morning, we want our people to be inspired to reach their daily goals. We’ve even added a mini book club in our workspace, with plenty of motivational reading material.”

When it comes to sound, we’ve got a few inspiring options at Bear Claw Events, Inc. HQ. We often listen to TED Talks and upbeat music to get everyone inspired. When we combine these stimulating sounds with the taste of a healthy breakfast or coffee, we’re energized to deliver winning results for the brands we promote.

We’ve even ignited our sense of smell throughout our office, using essential oils to bring rejuvenating citrus scents to our work routines. As for touch, you can often find us exchanging hugs, high fives, and handshakes as greetings or to celebrate success.

We’re activating our senses as we chase our ambitious goals. Learn more about our work culture by following Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Instagram.