We’re Celebrating Our Travel Perks!

We’re Celebrating Our Travel Perks!

There’s something exciting about the prospect of packing a suitcase and hopping on an airplane. Around our Bear Claw Events, Inc. office, the energy ratchets up every time there’s a business trip in the works. It’s true – we’ve caught the travel bug. It’s fun to get out and see the world together, but there are more benefits as well.

Travel with Bear Claw Events, Inc. tends to be team-oriented, which means we have ample opportunity to get better acquainted as we explore new places and acquire more knowledge. We always discover something about each other that we might not have learned during the course of our normal workday.

Our excursions are varied and often revolve around an educational experience. Sometimes, we venture to successful offices to cross-train with their staff. We might also go on the road if one of our people has opened a new branch and could benefit from our wisdom. Conferences are a favorite because we get to network with other top performers, which allows us to grow our connection base rapidly with potent contacts.

Of course, there are trips where the primary focus is FUN. Our annual retreat takes place in an exotic locale. It could be a tropical island or someplace where excitement reigns supreme. No matter what, it’s a reward we all covet and hope to earn.

What’s best about our travel adventures is we get to capture and share them with everyone! Like Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Facebook for highlights.