Why Our Company Is a Great Place to Work

Why Our Company Is a Great Place to Work

Making sure our people love being part of Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. has always been a top priority for us. We offer a wide range of perks to show our brand experts that we value their hard work and dedication. For us, it’s all about making our team members feel comfortable on the job, and motivated to keep improving.

Frequent travel opportunities are some of the best perks we offer. Our people get the chance to attend all kinds of events throughout the year, including networking seminars, leadership conferences, and retreats to exotic locales. We also arrange trips to other successful offices. During these excursions, our brand experts can assist with training and learn what’s working in other markets.

Training is a big part of our culture as well. Our commitment to personal growth begins with each person’s first day on the job. We match every new hire with an experienced coach who can offer uniquely helpful insights on what it takes to excel at Bear Claw Events, Inc. and in our industry as a whole. Ongoing training options are always being added, too. We’re all about constant improvement in our supportive workspace.

We also make time for fun away from our work roles. Our team nights cover a lot of ground, ranging from bowling outings to volunteer events. We always come back to work with new inspiration.

Our office is the ideal place to build a rewarding and fulfilling career. Like Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Facebook to learn more about our work culture.