A Brief Overview of Giving Options

A Brief Overview of Giving Options

Learning and giving are both valuable aspects of the Bear Claw Events, Inc. ethos. As such, it’s quite common for us to combine these commitments and brush up on our knowledge of philanthropy. Sometimes this involves learning about the newest practices in giving, and sometimes we simply get back to the basics.

Most recently, we reviewed the four basic avenues of philanthropy. Direct contribution is one of them, and it’s possibly the easiest option available. It’s simply a matter of sending a check or sending funds digitally to a select nonprofit. Gifts from Bear Claw Events, Inc. are often presented in this manner. Some professional teams chose to give appreciated stock to organizations’ brokerage accounts.

Donor-advised funds are possibilities as well. These are private funds (and sometimes appreciated property or other interests) donated through the assistance of third parties. In these cases, there may be minimum contribution guidelines and fees for the third-party services. What’s more, these gifts can be distributed anonymously and to multiple causes. Donors can also decide how they’d like their contributions to be allocated.

It’s important to remember the value of charitable trusts too. People and teams can establish charitable remainder trusts, through which they receive payments for specified numbers of years. When the trusts end, whatever remains is forwarded to charity. On the other hand, people and teams can establish charitable lead trusts. In these cases, they place assets in the trusts through annual payments. When the terms end, charities are gifted.

Keep these options in mind as you make philanthropic plans, and follow Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Twitter to get details on our giveback.