A Proven Process for Earning Promotions

A Proven Process for Earning Promotions

Securing a promotion is a matter of putting in the right type of effort over a long period of time. We’ve devised a somewhat accelerated timeline for getting promoted, which we observe as we work to move our Bear Claw Events, Inc. careers forward.

Of course, the logical first step is to perform at a high level in our current jobs. Before we can ask for more responsibility, it’s imperative that we display true mastery of the ones we already have. Even as we challenge ourselves by volunteering for big projects, we also make sure to tend to our current Bear Claw Events, Inc. roles with total dedication.

We’ve also found that finding ways to help others is a great strategy for winning a promotion. It’s not just a one-time thing, either; we aim for consistency in assisting colleagues and leaders alike whenever possible. We want to earn reputations for being selfless before we actually ask for a promotion.

When the time comes to make the ask, we’re sure to equip ourselves with plenty of data to back up our requests. Emails from colleagues we’ve helped are good examples of the kind of evidence we bring to top decision makers. We want to gather as much impartial backing as possible before we go public with our desire to advance to the next level.

These simple steps position us well for earning promotions. To find out more about our culture, follow us on http://www.facebook.com/bearclawevents