Adding Knowledge and Contacts in Dallas

Adding Knowledge and Contacts in Dallas

It’s almost time for the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, which is always a rewarding event for our team members to attend. Xiomara, a Bear Claw Events, Inc. admin, explained, “Select individuals from our team have been chosen to venture out to Dallas. Members attending will get hands-on training and network with all types of industry influencers.”

Xiomara will also be speaking at the Dallas conference, as well as training and coaching small groups in various topics. She stated, “I’ll be discussing problem solving, time management, business partnerships, and taking advantage of growth opportunities during the conference. I look forward to sharing my insights with people from all corners of our industry.”

Along with new connections and fresh business insights, conferences like the one in Dallas provide a range of benefits for our team members. They get the chance to learn more about each other as people when they get away from the office for a while. With more knowledge about unique traits and quirks, collaboration around Bear Claw Events, Inc. HQ gets more spirited.

Our people also get to sharpen their adaptive skills when they travel together. Changes in itinerary are common, as are last-minute amendments to event schedules. Our team members return from conferences better equipped to deal with the changing demands of our industry.

We’re excited for what our team members will gain in Dallas. To find out more about our culture, follow us on