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There are certain traits that make our Bear Claw Events, Inc. associates stand out from the rest. Ambition, positivity, and a desire to grow professionally and personally. People who have such zeal readily find their career homes with us.

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Learn and Grow at Bear Claw Events, Inc.

Our new associates learn pretty quickly that Bear Claw Events, Inc. doesn’t rely on typical training videos or sleep-inducing manuals to onboard people. Instead, each new team member is immersed in a hands-on training experience. We get them involved from day one learning the basics needed to create and implement campaigns that generate brand growth.

Wisdom From Seasoned Pros

Everyone at Bear Claw Events, Inc. began at the entry level. As such, they’ve grown in their careers by learning what it takes – and the mistakes to avoid – to develop an on-site campaign. Our managers are happy to impart the wisdom and knowledge they’ve gained. Their supportive approach offers new associates a safe and fun atmosphere in which to attain skills.

Collective Talent

Our team-driven spirit is what fuels Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s success. We stand by the belief that through collaboration toward one goal, we can make a difference. While individual success is encouraged, there’s no cutthroat competition within our team. Instead, we focus on inspiring teamwork and inclusion. It ultimately leads to all-around wins.

Outstanding Travel Benefits

For those who love to travel, there are many opportunities to get on the road at Bear Claw Events, Inc. From regional trips for cross-training experiences to tropical adventures, there are plenty of chances to enjoy new sights with great people. Our travel perks are among the many rewards that our dedicated associates enjoy.

Develop Professional Skills and Networks

We routinely invite our associates to participate in conferences and industry events that offer a plethora of knowledge-sharing opportunities and exposure to influential people. As a result, our team attains new skills and powerful connections that sustain them throughout their careers. These events help build confidence and motivation to succeed.

Responsibilities & Skills We Teach

  • Developing marketing and sales solutions
  • Managing client relationships
  • Information and direct marketing methods
  • Cross-training to learn about multiple client brands
  • Leading team meetings and setting the tone for the entire firm
  • Networking to build new client contacts
  • Leading team sessions and inspiring a strong corporate culture
  • Learning all business functions
  • Running campaigns at promotional venues
  • Overseeing the sales and marketing team
  • Mentoring other team members regarding product
  • Assisting in the development of unique promotional strategies for clients
  • Providing customer service
  • Undertaking inventory control
  • Setting up and tearing down campaign materials
  • Managing all administrative tasks including payroll
  • Ensuring all recruitment and hiring
  • Explaining and discussing specific product information

Careers With Impact Start at Bear Claw Events, Inc.

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