Common Behaviors of Collaborative Leaders

Common Behaviors of Collaborative Leaders

Collaboration is a cornerstone of the Bear Claw Events ethos. It’s also a hallmark of our management approach. After all, we know we’ll achieve winning results if we combine our people’s talents. Here are a few behaviors we’re working to refine as we become stronger managers.

Building trust is one thing the best leaders do with relative ease. Honest communication is a great way to reinforce trust throughout a team. Transparency is a key part of keeping everyone on the same page. Team-centered leaders take active roles in setting goals, lauding success, and learning from unplanned outcomes.

Inclusive body language is another important habit among managers who inspire teamwork. They use eye contact, open postures, and warm smiles to promote a harmonious culture. We do our best to maintain these behaviors through all our Bear Claw Events team pursuits.

Collaborative leaders also work to develop their soft skills, including empathy. They’re good listeners as a result, taking time to understand other people’s emotions before offering advice of their own. Team members feel more comfortable sharing their ideas due to the empathy these managers show. This openness leads to stronger teamwork and winning results for everyone involved.

These behaviors of team-focused managers lead to effective combinations of diverse talents. You can learn more about how we’re working to put them to good use by liking Bear Claw Events on Facebook.