Easy Giveback Options That Make a Real Difference

Easy Giveback Options That Make a Real Difference

Through our Bear Claw Events commitment to charitable giving, we’ve learned that financial donations only scratch the surface of what you can do to make a positive impact. This is especially good news because many companies can’t afford to give money to worthy causes. Here are a few inexpensive ideas for making a difference in people’s lives.

Nonprofits are often in need of professional services just as much as money. Whether your expertise is in marketing, web design, or any other in-demand service, it’s a good idea to explore your giveback options. Your team might be just what a great cause needs to reach its intended level of community support.

We’re also intrigued by the idea of using a company blog to support nonprofits. This is an ideal way to give free publicity to a cause your team is passionate about, all while linking your business with a charity making a difference in your community.

Office donation drives are also simple and cost-effective ways to help people in need. Competition always brings out the best around the Bear Claw Events office, so we recommend tying incentives to any donation drive. Winter coats, canned food, and gently used toys are just a few of your options for collecting.

These easy, inexpensive giveback efforts make positive impacts that improve people’s lives.