How Jobseekers Can Seize the Spring Hiring Season

How Jobseekers Can Seize the Spring Hiring Season

Around the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office, we know that spring is the season when new careers bloom. Jobseekers need to seize the moment when this time of year comes around, so we’ve decided to share a few things our hiring managers look for when they evaluate candidates. Anyone who wants to make a strong impression on a potential employer needs to remember the following strategies:

• Research the Company: There’s no substitute for being prepared when it comes to a job interview. Doing your homework on the company in question is an essential first step. The more you know about how an organization approaches its work and team culture, the better you can tailor your questions and responses.

• Clean Your Online Presence: We use LinkedIn when evaluating potential Bear Claw Events, Inc. hires, so the site is a good place to start building your online brand. Be sure your account is up to date and that contact info for all connections and references is accurate.

• Polish Your Résumé: Make sure any skills and achievements relevant to your desired position are prominently displayed near the top of your résumé. Like your LinkedIn page, you also need to double-check and ensure all contact info is up to date.

These are just a few simple ways jobseekers can boost their chances of getting hired this spring. Follow Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Instagram to find more of our best advice for impressing hiring managers.