How to Overcome the Public Speaking Jitters

How to Overcome the Public Speaking Jitters

As long as people have been speaking to crowds of listeners, they’ve been nervous about it. It’s quite common to feel some trepidation when presenting, though it’s vital that the excess energy is channeled in appropriate ways. We cover on this subject in the Bear Claw Events, Inc. training program, homing in on the following best practices.

Our strengths are core areas of focus, for example. When we give big speeches, we only address subject matter that we have already mastered. Therefore, we often present on the products we market as well as our sales and marketing solutions. This way, we can share our expertise with confidence.

Practice is another fundamental component of our approach to speaking on behalf of Bear Claw Events, Inc. We rehearse in front of mirrors, playing close attention to our facial expressions, gestures, and other nonverbal cues. The idea is to enhance our main messages and convey executive presence through our posture.

Video is also part of our practice routine. By recording our speeches, we can better evaluate our delivery. From tone and flow to silence and filler language, there are many things to consider. Our colleagues act as audiences as well, offering lots of constructive feedback. With their assistance, we tie up all the loose ends and give winning speeches every time.

We secure success by focusing on strengths and preparing thoroughly. Like Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Facebook to find more helpful public speaking techniques.