How We Make Learning a Habit

How We Make Learning a Habit

We stay inspired around the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office by constantly adding to our knowledge bases. The following strategies have proven especially useful in our everyday learning efforts, helping us advance our careers as we tend to our regular duties:

” Reading on Many Topics: We use any downtime we have around Bear Claw Events, Inc. HQ to read about a wide variety of topics. Although industry publications give us plenty to absorb, we don’t limit ourselves to the business world in our reading exploits. The further afield we go with our reading, the more interesting insights we find to apply in our daily efforts.

” Leveraging the Internet: There are so many great ways to learn online, from inspiring TED Talks to blogs written by innovative thinkers. Along with these resources, we also make extensive use of free and low-cost online courses offered by sites such as Coursera and Udemy to sharpen our business acumen.

” Setting Clear Goals: We’ve found that whatever types of resources we use, learning becomes much easier when we have specific goals in mind. We encourage each other to set the bar higher with every developmental pursuit. You can also find us exchanging insights we’ve picked up through our learning ventures.

These simple practices help us stay on the path to enlightenment. Like Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Facebook to join our discussion on everyday learning.