How We Prepare Team Members to Excel

How We Prepare Team Members to Excel

Amid rapid growth, we’re preparing to add fresh talent to Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. Anyone who comes aboard will benefit from our commitment to immersive professional development. Matt, our firm’s President, explained, “We help people build on their unique talents as they gain all the knowledge needed to thrive in our competitive industry.”

Our initial training program gives hands-on experience to our newest brand experts. We use an approach that limits manuals or outdated videos and instead gets new hires involved in real projects right off the bat. Along with the basics of interactive marketing, we also offer valuable insights into HR tasks such as hiring, retention, and motivating people.

Travel incentives also equip new additions to our team with key professional knowledge. Matt stated, “We routinely invite our brand experts to take part in conferences and other industry events that offer a plethora of lessons and networking opportunities. Being around successful pros and top leaders helps our people build confidence to carry them through their Bear Claw Events, Inc. career journeys.”

Those who join our team also get the chance to cross-train with top performers from other offices. “We invest in our people’s growth in so many ways,” Matt commented. “Learning from high achievers in other markets builds morale throughout our office while expanding our team’s knowledge base.”

We make a point of giving our people all the tools they need to thrive. Like Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Facebook to learn more about our training approach.