Key Traits of Growth-Focused Leaders

Key Traits of Growth-Focused Leaders

In our Bear Claw Events, Inc. leadership training program, we focus on the skills that drive business growth. To develop managers who promote personal and professional improvement, these are the key attributes we emphasize.

Those who want to become effective leaders need to be open to coaching themselves. When managers ask for input from others, they show that they’re self-aware enough to recognize that improvement is always possible. In fact, being open to assistance is likely to inspire team members to ask for help when they need it.

Accountability is also an important attribute for future leaders. Team members need to see their managers being accountable if they’re to embrace the same type of discipline. Leaders who are accountable build trust throughout their teams because they back up their words with focused actions. Those are the types of frontrunners we aim to develop here at Bear Claw Events, Inc. HQ.

The most respected leaders share the willingness to stretch beyond their comfort zones. We train our future managers to view discomfort as a good thing, because it means they’re learning something new. This extends to forging new connections, which is why we view networking events as valuable leadership training opportunities.

We’re keeping these key attributes in mind as we develop the next generation of leaders. To find out more about our culture, follow us on