You might be wondering…Do clicks on a digital ad equate to actual sales?

Online marketing plans can certainly generate visibility. Yet, knowing for sure whether someone saw your product online is not the same as a real purchase. With Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s in-person model, you can rest easy knowing that the work we do leads directly to bottom-line results.
Forget e-commerce campaigns and buying shelf space in stores. What makes our on-site approach more effective is simple. Through live events, we are the point of contact for customers and get products into their hands fast. We can respond to their questions and help influence their buying decisions. Our model outperforms passive approaches every time.

Messages Optimized for Consumer Attention

At Bear Claw Events, Inc., we do more than deliver a reliable on-site marketing solution. We make sure each initiative reflects our guiding values, like integrity and determination. Our proven method has helped many brands edge out of the competition.

Unmatched Determination

Bear Claw Events, Inc. branding specialists’ combined talents result in unrivaled outcomes. We infuse each event with our enthusiasm and ambition. Our reputation for delivering excellence reflects this energy.

Innovation Meets Motivation

Status quo does not exist at Bear Claws Events, Inc. We thrive on originality and embrace new perspectives. Partner with us if your goal is to make a mark.

We leave a mark.

Our event-based marketing solutions add strength to brand positioning.