Missy: An Example of Leadership and Work Ethic

Missy: An Example of Leadership and Work Ethic

In our workplace, outstanding work performance is recognized and celebrated. Every month, we publicly applaud one of the high-level professionals who contribute to Bear Claw Events, Inc. Missy is the latest of our colleagues to stand out from the rest of the group.

Missy demonstrates a hard work ethic every day in the Bear Claw Events, Inc. office. The same diligence and student mind-set helped her earn a master’s degree in leadership organization. She also has an athletic training background, which is evident in her abilities to pursue big goals and collaborate with other team members.

Here are a few more of Missy’s skills:

• Effective Communication: We learn about all aspects of communication in our training program. Missy has mastered the use of body language, for instance, and understands the value of attentive listening. Of course, she is also practiced in the area of clear, concise vocal delivery of ideas and feedback.

• Accountability: Missy likes to have fun in the office, though she takes her work seriously as well. She follows through on every commitment. When things go well, she shares the credit with others. When challenges arise, she assumes the role of leader and guides everyone to the right solution.

Our colleague is on track toward a bright professional future. Check out our Bear Claw Events, Inc.Newswire to get further acquainted with Missy’s achievements.