Our Intern, Armon, Has Been Promoted

Our Intern, Armon, Has Been Promoted

We are excited to announce that Bear Claw Events, Inc.’s intern, Armon, has been promoted. Offering all our people opportunities to advance professionally is an integral part of our culture. Everyone has their own goals they hope to achieve. By allowing our team members to keep reaching new levels of success, we ensure that their interests are consistently aligned with the company’s.

Armon is currently attending North Greenville University and will be graduating at the end of the year. He is a team player who truly understands the value of collaboration. We are so excited about this promotion because Armon exemplifies many of the qualities central to our company culture.

Xiomara, our administrator, adds, “Armon has eight brothers and sisters. He has strong family values, which shine though when he is at Bear Claw Events, Inc. Although he was shy at first, he has opened up and now loves to joke around with other team members in the office. Armon loves sports, which may be where his strong team values originated.”

We are certain that he will continue to impress following this promotion. Armon has a great student mentality which makes it easier to learn everything about the sales and marketing industry. Continual learning is essential to lasting success, so we are happy to see a young professional – at the beginning of his career – taking it so seriously.

We look forward to seeing what Armon will achieve in the future. Find more news on the Bear Claw Events, Inc. team by checking out our Newswire.