Questions to Ask Before Taking a Job

Questions to Ask Before Taking a Job

Before accepting a job offer, it’s important to know what kind of an atmosphere you’d be entering. We’re big proponents of professional advancement here at Bear Claw Events HQ, and we acknowledge the need to be careful when considering a new opportunity. Here are a few questions to ask before you take a job with a new employer.

First, you want to know why the position is available at all. If it’s because the company is growing and adding to their team, you can feel good about the whole situation. However, finding out that the previous person was fired or quit is a bit more concerning.

Whatever you learn about the reason for the opening, it’s a good idea to follow up by asking about the expectations for your first month and 90 days on the job. You need to know if you’re on the same page with your new employer. Having a shared destination for which to aim is a promising start to a new career.

Providing clear feedback is a big part of the Bear Claw Events development strategy, so we also believe it’s important to ask how a company’s leadership gives guidance. Asking about feedback style and frequency shows that you’re committed to professional growth, which is always a positive impression to make.

These questions are key considerations before accepting any type of job offer. Follow Bear Claw Events on Twitter to find more of our career advancement insights.