Simple, Effective Public Speaking Techniques

Simple, Effective Public Speaking Techniques

Our Bear Claw Events, Inc. developmental efforts put strong emphasis on public speaking skills, because we know how important they are for our long-term success. Through our study of top speakers, we’ve learned the following essential elements that we include in all our presentations.

One thing the best presenters always do is tell a story that’s both simple and relatable. Personal stories tend to resonate with audiences the most, especially if they have a self-deprecating element. We want our listeners to feel they can relate to our experiences, even if they aren’t the most glamorous ones.

We also do our best to make connections with one audience member at a time rather than focus on the entire group at once. By making eye contact with as many individuals as possible throughout our remarks, we make it clear that we’re trying to address everyone’s concerns. This helps us broaden the impact we make with our Bear Claw Events, Inc. speeches.

We’re careful about the messages our body language is sending during our presentations. The best speakers are aware of what their hands are doing at all times, knowing exactly when to add emphasis through a certain gesture. We emulate these effective speakers through open body language and carefully planned nonverbal cues.

These simple concepts help us deliver more impactful speeches. To find out more about our culture, follow us on