Simple Ways to Enhance Your Commute

Simple Ways to Enhance Your Commute

Driving or riding to work every day might seem like wasted time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve found the following methods for making our commutes to the Bear Claw Events workspace more productive and rewarding.

One of the easiest ways to maximize our commute time is to listen to illuminating content. There are many podcasts and audiobooks dedicated to the latest developments in the business world, so we pick different themes for each week or month depending on what we want to learn.

We also use our commutes to mentally prepare for the day to come, clarifying our Bear Claw Events to-do lists so that we get each workday off to the best start possible. When the day is over, we use our trips back home to reflect on what we accomplished and determine what we need to prioritize to make tomorrow as successful as it can be.

With a good hands-free setup, we can also check our emails and voice messages when we drive to the office. For those of us who use public transportation, it’s even easier to stay up to date with our communication. In either situation, we’re able to listen to other people’s requests and prioritize them without losing sight of our own goals.

We’re putting these strategies to productive use during every trip to and from the office.