Bear Claws Events, Inc. Knows

Serious Product Launch Experience

Bear Claw Events, Inc. offers an on-site model that is agile and scalable. We adapt our promotions to serve any market, industry, or business requirement. No matter what product we launch, our mission is to achieve strong growth rates in no time. We have the right approach to realize marketing goals.

The Buyer:

We create events-based marketing that is meaningful to customers. Our approach centers on what matters most to them and their unique needs. Each promotion is an experience that demonstrates the value of your products, thus stimulating strong buying impulses.

The Product:

We set the stage that allows your product to launch quickly. Our positioning to offer maximum exposure, profitability, and repeat business.

The Returns:

There’s no hit or miss guesswork with our strategy. We optimize our approach by using unique channels and tested methods. This is combined with real-time feedback to ensure that each campaign is ready for success. As such, we consistently surpass conventional approaches like TV and print media.

Businesses – from recognized brands to emerging start-ups – enlist Bear Claw Events, Inc. to make their advertising, marketing, sales objectives a reality. We’ve earned a solid reputation by providing excellent service and dependable representation. Here are the top 3 industries we serve:

Beauty &

Home Goods


Let us grow your brand.

Our solution-oriented team delivers the strength needed for success.