Waste No Time Learning These Life-Changing Lessons

Waste No Time Learning These Life-Changing Lessons

Formal education and structured professional trainings often focus on theory and practical skills. They don’t always fill the gap between these areas. Life skills can only be learned through hands-on experience. We’ve picked up on quite a few throughout our Bear Claw Events, Inc. careers. Here are some of the most valuable:

• We Control Only Ourselves: We’ve discovered that although we have influence, we cannot control what others do. We can, however, take charge of the ways we react to others – and to our own emotions. This is an empowering realization, because it encourages us to focus our energies on our own abilities.

• Relationships Matter: Knowledge is essential, but so are relationships. In fact, who we know may just matter more than what we know. This is the reason networking is a Bear Claw Events, Inc. priority. We surround ourselves with accomplished and supportive people.

• It’s Best to Assume the Best: We’ve trained ourselves to remember that people usually mean well. This way, when things don’t go the way we plan or people behave in unexpected ways, we’re aware that ill intent probably wasn’t a factor.

Lessons like these aren’t truly learned until people step away from the classroom and the conference hall, and immerse themselves in the professional world. Follow Bear Claw Events, Inc. on Twitter for a closer look at our on-the-job learning activities.