Why We Believe in a Hands-On Approach to Training

Why We Believe in a Hands-On Approach to Training

If there’s one thing that really sets Bear Claw Events, Inc. apart from other interactive marketing agencies, it’s our hands-on training program. We’re renowned for our immersive learning environment that extends beyond the onboarding process and throughout each team member’s career span with us. Matt, our President, explains why this program works:

• Knowledge Gets Put to Use Right Away: “In our Bear Claw Events, Inc. office, we’ve never been fans of passive training activities, like books or manuals,” Matt explained. “We can read about something, but until we try it ourselves, we never fully understand how it works. So, we skip past that approach and go straight into having our newest people work alongside coaches to learn our processes firsthand starting day one.”

• Easier to Pinpoint Areas of Strength: “When we learn through real-world experiences, we can see what aptitudes we’re best suited for and where we need to strengthen our skill sets,” Matt noted. “Since all members of Team Bear Claw Events, Inc. work alongside coaches, they have the guidance necessary to identify their career objectives and understand the paths they can follow.”

• Builds Confidence Faster: “Practice makes perfect, and our program is designed to give our people ample room to develop in a safe, supportive environment,” Matt said. “This is perhaps why these individuals grow into successful business professionals in no time.”

We train our people not just on how to do their jobs, but on how to succeed. Follow us on Twitter to see the results of our learning approach.